Wednesday, 10 January 2018

3 tips for training smarter

Gone are the days where slogging out in the gym for hours on end was considered the best chance one had for optimum fitness and lean muscle tone.

 Research has shown it is more effective to train "smarter" rather than "harder." That sounds to me!

You would have noticed there are more and more fitness programs now that focus on the 30 minute format. Program such as Les Mills GRIT, CX and your floor based small group fitness sessions at your local gym.

Even your traditional programs such as Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack are making the move to a shorter format, or at least delivering an option away from the 1 hour classes by introducing 45 and 30 minute formats of the programs

Here are my 3 tips for achieving the best results in a shorter time frame.

Use compound exercises:  The best compound exercises put dozens of muscles and multiple joints through a large range of motion. Consequently, they enable you to move more weight than isolation exercises which focus on just one muscle group. We are talking exercises like squats, dead lifts, bench press

Change it up: Muscles tend to get used to the same regime very quickly so cross train instead of doing the same thing over and over. It may be more effective to do 20 minutes on the rower at higher intensity than walking on the treadmill for 60 minutes.

Focus on Your Technique.: Never compromise your technique in order to lift heavier, jumper higher, run faster etc....doing so ensure you are on the fast track to injury.

And remember always consult your GP or fitness professional if you are embarking on exercise for the first time or are injured. 

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Exercises for the over 60s: how to encourage older gym members to get up and moving!

Here is an article from the United Kingdom featuring my comments on training older clients.

Suzana Talevski, Fitness Instructor and Director of 3121 Fitness, adds: “Living longer means there is a need for living stronger, and many gyms around the world now have a wide variety of classes that seniors can participate in. Classes like Les Mills Body Pump, which focus on strength training by using lighter weights, can improve strength, balance, bone density and body composition, which are very important elements as we age.”

Full story here

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tiger discount for the rest of 2017 with your membership

The Premiership drought is over Tiger fans! Now it's time to return to your training and build your own premiership season with some serious goal setting before Christmas.

What ever you goal is 3121 Fitness is here to work with you to make it happen.

We have one on one sessions, group training or family packages available to suit.

We train outdoors and as they Tigers song goes... in any weather you will see us with a grin!

As a special all Tiger memberships receive 10 per cent of any training session. Contact us to discuss your requirements  and don't forget to give us a LIKE on Facebook 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

                             Sizzle all day with just three Vitality Stretches

By Suzana Talevski, Director, 3121 Fitness

Endless energy is pretty high on most women’s wish list.

Whether you are a new mum, a high flying executive, student or even all three, boundless energy is one of our most seemingly unattainable goals.

So how to cope? Many times it with endless cups of coffee, a sugary treat in the afternoon or worse over eating or indulging in other unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking.

Here’s a different approach…how about giving  these three stretches a go? It’s a gentle and effective way to to improve your circulation and shake off any lingering tension or stress. Stretching creates mobility in the joints and causes the muscles to expand and contract more than they're used to, which forces more blood to flow through the body. Hold stretches for 45-60 seconds or more and try incorporating them into you day as often as neede4d.

Here’s my top three for releasing wonderful energy into your day:


1.    Spinal Flex/Camel Ride



Sit with legs crossed, holding on to calves or shins. Inhale and lift chest forward and up. Inhale and exhale as you round your spine, chin to chest. Start slowly and increase pace steadily. Continue for 3 minutes. This movement releases blocked energy in the spine.

2.    Outsrteched legs pose

Sit on floor with legs outstretched. With each hand, grab corresponding big toe. (Or grab ankles or shins.) Inhale and arch back straight and up. Exhale, bend down at waist, and lower head to knees. Inhale, arch back up and straight, exhale, fold down at waist. Continue this motion at a steadily increased pace for 1 to 3 minutes. Briskly folding forward and backward encourages energy to distribute itself throughout the body.

3.    Cobra

The cobra pose opens your chest to let your lungs take in more air.  To Cobra: Lie face down, legs straight, with the tops of your feet on the floor. Lift your chest, keeping your hands under your shoulders and your shoulders relaxed down (not scrunched up by your ears). Straighten your arms, if you can do it easily, but always keep your hips on the floor.



Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fitness Tools Trainers Love

Hey guys, here a some pics of my column in the national Good Health magazine which came out today.

The topic is Exercise equipment the fitness experts love ....

Thursday, 25 February 2016

3121 Fitness Packages

Thank you for visiting 3121 Fitness.

I am excited to share with you some of my fitness packages that I am sure will have something for all fitness levels.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here to find out more about the listed packages or how we can better tailor a package to suit your needs.

Small group training  - Strength

Need to build muscle/tone up or simply feel stronger than this package is for you.

Small group training - Cardio

If you're looking to increase your aerobic endurance than this one is for you. Burn fat and get back your energy.

Small group training - Combo

A mixture of strength based and cardio training. Burn fat and sculpt that body!

Pet FiT 

Give your best friend an extra lease on life with this program that will get you and your pet fit together while spending some valuable time together too.

Strong Seniors

A exciting class developed for those over 60.

Family Fit

Especially designed for families who want to get fit together and spend more time together.

*All sessions come with discounts for larger groups/seniors and students.

**Options of 30/45/60 minute sessions.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

5 reasons why sports drinks are not helping you!

Hey guys!

Here is my piece as featured on the Where the Wild Things Are website and social media channels.

From the website:
As asked by you, I have been working with a few health and fitness professionals to bring a range of answers to a lot of questions around the world today. Suzana Talevski from 3121 Fitness, has taken over the blog today to discuss sports drinks and how they won’t help your performance in the gym…
Suzana Talevski is a television fitness presenter and a Les Mills Body Pump instructor. She is passionate about real and affordable access to health and fitness and education around active living choices.

Fitness Tip: drink more water!
Unless you are an endurance athlete, “sports drinks” may contain very little benefit to the average fitness fan. In fact it may actually be harming your chances of reaching your fitness goals and here’s why…..
1.   Performance
There is debate about the use of sports drinks for performance enhancement because study results are mixed, but some evidence does show that the caffeine in many carbonated drinks may have positive benefits for endurance athletes. This is because caffeine may allow your body to burn fat for fuel, delaying the use of muscle glycogen, which allows for a longer exercise session; however, these benefits do not appear when consuming carbonated drinks for short bouts of exercise.
2. Bloating
Carbonation causes many people to feel bloated, particularly if consumed quickly or in large amounts. Drinking sports drinks causes excess air to build up in your stomach, resulting in bloating. Being bloated is likely to make exercise more difficult because that full feeling interferes with efficiency and may slow you down. In addition, that air in your belly may cause you to burp, creating more discomfort that may hinder your performance. Stick with water.

3. Lowered blood sugar
While sugar is likely to give you an initial rush of energy, the spike and subsequent crash in blood sugar may leave you feeling weak and tired, which will interfere with the benefits of exercise.
4. Weight
Working out regularly is a great way to control your weight, both for loss or maintenance; however, drinking large amounts of sugary/sports drinks, which are often high in calories, may interfere with this process and counteract the benefits of your exercise. To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume, and many people forget to factor liquid calories into their daily totals.
5. By the numbers
Some drinks contain up to 16 spoons of sugar per bottle/can. To burn these calories you would need to:
  • Walk for 1.5 hours
  • Play a team sport like basketball for 1 hour
  • Ride a bike at moderate speed for ¾ hours
  • Jog for 45 minutes
Thank you for the guest post Suzana…In conclusion, I (Adelle) want to give you a few alternatives to sports drinks, one being after you work out – protein at it’s finest, look at a powder protein mixed with milk, or almond milk works, not to mention good old fashioned water but make it easier to drink by squeezing some orange lemon or lime in there.